Modern project technical debt

Modern project technical debt

The software can and does experience bit rot or software entropy, leading to:

- Decreasing meantime between failures

- Increasing lead time

- Decreased efficiency

- Increasing time to repair

And more, often requiring heroics and duct tape just to keep things stable and functional. 

Teams are so often caught up in shipping the next feature or release that no one ever addresses the tech debt they accrue along the way.

Security practitioners can relate, as security tech debt accumulates in the backlog as it is de-prioritized or neglected by Developer/Product Teams due to business demands and justifications. 

Much like broader tech debt, eventually security debt comes home to roost and it may not be pretty. 
If the 
team dedicated 10% of its time to paying down tech debt and the outcomes of doing so. 

Taking an example of finance and other domains where humans take the easy road, and pay for it later. 

“Tech debt is "short-sightedness ransom" because only tactical and short-term thinking ignores it.”

Feb. 2, 2023, 9:26 a.m. | Authored by Dihfahsih Mugoya


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