Software Developer

RCS Consult

Location: Kabalagala, Kampala

Role: Software Developer

Start Date: Nov. 5, 2020

End Date: Jan. 15, 2022

RCS Consult


As a dynamic and results-driven eCommerce Project Leader and Developer at Reliable Corporate Solutions Limited, I spearheaded the evolution of Begos eShop using Django Oscar. Equipped with expertise in tackling intricate eCommerce challenges, seamlessly integrating payment methods, and enhancing functionality. Adept at crafting responsive user interfaces, pioneering innovative product modules, and ensuring data integrity through meticulous Postgres database management.


Roles and Responsibilities
- Led the transformation of Begos eShop with Django Oscar, creating a cutting-edge eCommerce platform.
- Integrated diverse payment methods for seamless transactions and enhanced user experience.
- Orchestrated deployment of modifications, ensuring ongoing enhancements and responsiveness.
- Developed specialized modules: subscriptions, variant products, dynamically priced items, downloads, and customizable categories.
- Managed Postgres database to ensure data integrity and efficiency.
- Crafted responsive User Interfaces, optimizing browsing across all devices.


Engagement Details
As a seasoned professional with RCS Consult, my contribution is on a contractual basis. I collaborate with the team to implement updates and features for the Begos eShop, aligning my dedication with RCS Consult's pursuit of excellence.


Technologies Used
- Django Oscar
- Python
- PostgreSQL
- Payment Integration

- Python
- Git
- Web Development
- Django