Software Developer

UCC Bwaise

Location: Nabweru, Wakiso

Role: Software Developer

Start Date: Aug. 8, 2018

End Date: Present

UCC Bwaise


As a dedicated Part-Time Volunteer at Creator's Mind International Ministry, I am committed to harnessing technology for positive community impact. Expertly contributing to the engineering of sustainable financial record management systems using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring streamlined operations and efficiency.

Roles and Responsibilities

- Engineered and sustained financial record management systems using Python and the robust Django web framework.

- Leveraged GitHub for version control, fostering seamless collaboration and tracking project changes.

- Played a pivotal role in transitioning UCC Bwaise from paper-based financial management to an innovative digital solution, reducing administrative burdens.

- Provided indispensable IT recommendations, shaping strategic decisions for the organization's technological progress.

- Spearheaded website development and maintenance, utilizing Django's prowess and PostgreSQL for data integrity.

Key Highlights

- Collaborated closely with a dedicated team, aligning technological initiatives with the organization's mission and goals.

- Empowered UCC Bwaise with modern technological solutions, optimizing operations and data management processes.

- Demonstrated an unwavering commitment to both technology and community service, volunteering expertise to create meaningful societal impact.

Technologies Used

- Python - Django - GitHub - PostgreSQL