Junior Software Developer


Location: Makerere University, Kamapala

Role: Junior Software Developer

Start Date: Feb. 23, 2017

End Date: June 23, 2018



During my Bachelor's in Software Engineering journey, I had the privilege of interning and working on my final year project with  WIMEA-ICT project leaders. This experience was pivotal in shaping my practical skills and understanding of collaborative software development.

Roles and Responsibilities

 - Immersed in a project aimed to enhance weather stations in Uganda through automation and security measures.

- Leveraged technologies such as Flask, Django, HTML, MySQL, Python, and WordPress, gaining hands-on experience in web development.

- Successfully created an algorithm that detects intruders at weather stations, triggering alerts to responsible personnel.

- Managed and maintained the project's blog, using WordPress to document progress and achievements.

- Led front-end development, crafting user interfaces using Flask and Bootstrap, enhancing usability.

- Contributed to the design and finalization of the System Requirements Specification (SRS) document.

- Took charge of writing, compiling, and submitting the project paper for publication.

Key Achievements

- Developed an algorithm for intruder detection at weather stations, showcasing the impact of technology on scientific endeavors.


- Flask - Python - Bootstrap - WordPress - HTML5

This transformative experience underlined the power of collaborative innovation and solidified my technical proficiency. It also showcased the profound impact technology can have on scientific endeavors. From hands-on coding to strategic documentation, I emerge as a versatile software engineer poised to explore new horizons